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Inspiration is a picky thing for me.  There is so much to be inspired by, just take a few minutes on Youtube, but inspiration can lead to distraction.  I am always a little weary when I feel inspired by something…art, music, a book.  Recently I finished Blood Meridian, Or The Evening Redness in the West […]

What is FEAR?

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It’s time for a new definition of FEAR. False Expectation of Assumed Reality. I’ve seen the acronym defining FEAR a lot of different ways.  Most of the time it’s related to self-defense.  In working on this article I wanted a definition of fear to work from. If we look at the dictionary defition, it’s: an […]

How I learned success from a heart-attack snack

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I am a horrible cook. I am limited to a few key meals and my love of those meals means that, unless it’s a special occasion or a grill is present, I’m not experimenting. Breakfast food, ham sammichs, and burritos – with a healthy dose of various fruits – and I’m happy. So, when I […]

Your human nature…

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Recently I was reading an article about space and how humans should be looking for our species to survive in space, past earth, as one day earth will be inhabitable.  In the comment section a comment read, ‘Why? We’ll just screw those places up too…it’s human nature.’ It got me thinking…what is this ‘human nature’ […]

The wind or the tree

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What does wind look like? One of the most beautiful places in the world (to my mind, at least) is the coast of my home state of Georgia.  The first time I saw the wind blown trees on the coast of Jekyll Island I was awed at two things.  First, the beauty.  Second, I was […]

My advice (2/4): my podcast guidance

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If you’re a new author going on podcasts is going to be part of your routine?  But how do you make the most of it, and make sure you don’t get screwed in the process? Well strap yourself in, I’m gonna give you the rundown. At its peak, PramekRadio had thousands of listeners an episode, […]

My advice: for budding authors (1/4)

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I am writing this four part series for two reasons – one, so people know why all of the sudden my content fell to a record low, a book I was going to drop didn’t drop, and I suddenly ‘disappeared’. And two, the bulk of the series, to give you a warning if you are […]

Mobius Breakfast Interview!

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On this episode of Mobius Breakfast, Matt discusses UNDO, the nature of becoming Pastless and deep dives the concepts of teaching and staying motivated! David Taylor of Mobius and Matt go deep into the concepts of learning and achieving goals! Check out Mobius Breakfast Today! https://pastless.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Matt_Powell_final.mp3 Right click and download the audio file

Somewhere, anywhere…

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Don’t kid yourself…you need to get outdoors. More than a decade of running a successful online business, selling a brand or two, teaching around the world, and holding a full time career and advancing like I have…it takes a toll. It’s a toll once can’t describe unless they’ve had the feeling anxiety hit at the […]

La Luz

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Each year people flock to the La Luz Trail (http://www.laluztrail.com/) in the Sandia Mountain range of NM.  I look at the range right outside of my part time home, Albuquerque (trying saying that 10 times really fast).  I’ve done La Luz up and back (16 miles) in earlier fall and let me tell you…it’s not […]

UNDO: The Full Package

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Ready to change your life? Then be ready to UNDO the past and plan your future. Born from decades of research into success, business methods, psychology, and neurology…UNDO is a planning book, workbook, and video instruction like no other.  This package includes the book, UNDO, it’s workbook, a video series, and a personal video from […]

UNDO: The Instructional video

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What a beast, right? 4 by 8 feet of pure white board I recently built.  I’m not finished with it yet – it still needs a rolling stand, but this has been my labor of love for a week now. UNDO will be getting a full video instructional to create a full package product. I’ve […]


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I’m gonna tell you a story…a story of having your ass put into gear by a rapper, 2Chainz. Many people know my background, but if you don’t, I spent a while on the road with Ludacris (the rapper) and his label on tours in the early 2000’s. I was part security, part personal trainer, and […]

Football and writing

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On Facebook I posted a photo of watching football.  A friend of mine, an instructor for Pramek, one of the hardest working guys I know, Pete Kamoutsis of Underground Gym in Cleveland, posted a comment:  ‘I started recently watching Sunday football too.  It’s kinda nice not doing anything. For a lot of us – we […]


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Mindfulness. Mindfulness exercise. Mindfulness practice. I’ve even heard mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is the new synergy, it’s the ultimate buzzword, and while I love a buzzword (I’m still loving ‘biobreak‘) my war on mindfulness continues with this blog posting (previous war correspondence here. While flying a while back I was working on a Pramek e-book about […]

Maximize Your Influence

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How is your brain wired? Can it be wired for success? What did Matt learn teaching thousands martial art about the art of persuasion? On this episode of Maximize Your Influence, Matt and the show dive right into the science of success… http://traffic.libsyn.com/maximizeyourinfluence/Podcast_167.mp3 http://traffic.libsyn.com/maximizeyourinfluence/Podcast_167.mp3 The Maximize Your Influence Podcast

Windsong…the art of running away.

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Being alone with yourself, your own thoughts, is a powerful tool in finding your own personal equilibrium.  Life is full of distractions and problems that can overwhelm your creative process, even forcing you to make bad decisions.  For me, being alone used to me meditating until I found it wasn’t enough.  I needed a place […]

Finding worth in worthless

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Basing our reasons to do something on outward appearance robs them of their inner worth to us. This is especially true when we continue doing something we previously did for outward appearance when such a things no longer have meaning to us.  Instead we have to dissect the things that mean something to us, as […]

Personal Physics: Newton’s Second Law

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Time to put on your Personal Physics hat again!!!! Change is not inevitable. Don’t be fooled by those who tell you change is inevitable. It’s not inevitable.   An object at rest can stay at rest and never change position.  Change only comes when change is made to happen.  In the first post on Personal […]

No one cares

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The other day, while hiking, one of the dogs decided to act up.  We came upon a rock structure with a gigantic yellow jacket nest, and while I saw the tale-tell signs of a nest ahead (random yellow jackets, other insects buzzing in the area, afraid to go further up the path), I decided to […]

Stick it out

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Friend of mine was recently going through a really tough time in a relationship, so he called forth the guy council.  Gathered around a few beers we all worked to console him.  Admittedly I’m not always the best to console someone on relationships with the ladies as I have a string of unsuccessful ones, but […]

Matt once had a podcast…

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Many of you are just learning about Pastless and Matt from the interviews Matt is doing on your favorite podcasts.  Want to learn more about the science, neurology, and ideas Matt discusses on these interviews?  Martial art is universal, and the conversations and concepts Matt developed through Pramek blew the martial art and fitness world […]


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I wrote a long article about leaving Atlanta a long time ago, months before I left, as I sat overlooking Atlantic Station. Atlanta, I found, no longer inspired me…it reminded me. It had become an anchor. Anchors operate two ways – they either give you a secure place to connect to, or they give you […]

Relationships, like the moon and the water

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A few weeks ago at a retreat with friends of mine, who have an amazing group studying a variety of topics in Atlanta, we decided as the day of study came to a close and the night came upon us…we’d sleep out on the deck over the pond on the property.  Myself, one of my […]

Change Your Thought Process

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Why we fail, how do we stop being “right” all the time, gain focus, break the cycle, set goals, and so much more. As we discuss UNDO: Get Past The Past and Manage Your Future, we discuss how to cut ties to the past.  This is a great espiode of Make Money Online with Robert Plank. […]

School for Startups with Matt…

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        Jim Beach brings on two Atlanta natives, Matt and Kevin Scott on to discuss how to get ahead in life. This is a great episode and interview to learn about using the brain and how stress can propel us… It’s School for Start Ups with Jim Beach…! Click here to listen […]

Name Dropping!

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What starts as a conversation on Talking Lead about making the most of your life turns into a name-dropping fest of epic proportions as Matt and Talking Lead host LeftHand have a blast talking success, UNDO, Pramek, and much more. Turn in now! TLP 164 Name Dropping  

Mindless mindfulness

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Mindfulness has a place that it goes…where the mind doesn’t want to go.  The brain is a chaotic place, in need of constant training to harness it’s powers and focus it.  With that kind of power, we are talking about the the most powerful computer in the universe, anyone who wants to become better at […]

A relationship with the self

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Recently we released a couple of new videos for Pramek.com’s Youtube. One with a 20+ year law enforcement expert and an industry leading instructor, Dr. John Landry.  Dr. Landry’s resume on martial art experience reads like a who’s who and when of the martial art world – he’s sought after in law enforcement, martial art, […]