My training clicked in and I focused to clear my mind. I took the moment in, existed in the moment, deciding to act through the overwhelming fear. I’ve often heard misery loves company and, in the loneliest of times, the past comes calling to have a drink and reminisce. I put the ghost of the past on hold despite it’s best attempts to sneak up on me with a bottle of fear. It’s human nature, our natural design, to process the present through the past. But to survive that moment in time, readying to fight for my life, I had no time for the past. It took all of my teachers, training, logic, my mind, and for that moment, I decided to stop human nature. In that moment, my mind calm and clear to my task, I unknowingly made an important decision - I decided to become pastless. - From the upcoming book, Pastless

This site wasn't supposed to happen...it was supposed to be a book, called Pastless, a book that was partially biographical about what my friends call my 'interesting life', and the other part was to be my ideas on life and how to lead a better life...being happy, being ok with yourself, and becoming your purpose.

But all of those teachers, training, logic, and my mind had to have more of an outlet than the book.  Pastless wasn't just a title a book...it was a way of life I had lived and taught for so long that it needed something more.  It needed a medium, like a blog where I could write about the state of being pastless, and so I built a blog (which you want to read!).  Then it called to me, my future-self telling me that he needed more.  He needed products, seminars, lectures, a community built around a concept:  getting past the past.  So I decided not to listen to past me and instead to the person I wanted to become.

And to do what he was requesting:  teach others how to get past the past, experience the present, and design the future they want for themselves.

I'm not here to teach you how to become rich - there are plenty of people who can do that.  I'm here to show you how to be happy - and then you can do with that happiness what you will.  Not the kind of happiness you feel after a great seminar, church or a movie - then it's back to real life.  The kind of happiness that sticks with you.

So, how does one become pastless?   We will discuss all of this in detail when the time is right, but for now:

  1.  We have to change our mindset.
  2. We have to change our communication.
  3. We have to change our habits.

When we change each of these, and we will show you how - we can begin to truly appreciate life - and live it in a way that we become our future-self.

Welcome to Pastless...