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Master of Self-improvement and master of martial art, Matthew Powell is the guru of both human motion and human motivation.  The author of five industry leading books, two dozen instructional videos, hundreds of online tutorial videos, featured on tv and in magazines around the globe, Matt is respected internationally for his works on learning and teaching.  Matt understands knows how to teach and motivate, how to think better, improve and grow, how to be successful.  Matt focuses on expanding and adapting his martial art understanding to focus on personal growth, expanding on the vast parallels between training room and real life to change people’s lives, not just martial arts students but everyone who simply wants to improve their thinking, their 6a00e5500f82a3883401b7c878e928970b-800wipsychological well-being, themselves.

Matt's works show you the principles of success-making and failure-stopping. Having taught tens of thousands of students over nearly two decades, Matt noticed a common theme in the failure of fighters:  their inability to get over their last fight.  Matt began to discover that due to our natural wiring we are programmed to rely on the past for everything we do.  We see every moment through a moment like it in the past. With our experiences and life led filtering the present through the past, leading the life we want becomes nearly impossible.  It was within this discovery that Matt began to develop new ways of teaching that other martial arts had not used before...and soon found it worked outside of martial art:  it could work for anyone.  Just as he has studied and interpreted the way each of our bodies move and minds react, Matt has broken down the elements of success and failure in life itself, in each person’s unique life, to understand it and then to explain it in understandable ways to others – ways that will be understood by everyone, no matter where you live in the U.S. or around the globe.

dramaticbackgroundbwFor nearly two decades Matt’s work pushed the envelope of science in martial art and combatives through his creation, Pramek. Growing up studying boxing and wrestling, Matt trained in numerous Russian styles of martial art that are not common to the American public: Kadochnikov, Zavgarodnij, Shvets, Retuinskih, Vishnevetskij. Building his own organization and system, published four groundbreaking martial art books: K-Sys and the Kadochnikov's System: An American Understanding of Kadochnikov's System; The Teacher and The Student: Reflections on Creating Better Students (notes on the relationship of learners and teachers); Learning Martial Art: Efficient Perceptual Learning (the science of how we learn martial art), and Testing Martial Art: Directed Perceptual Testing (how to test learned skill). Writing, demonstrating, and teaching both in the US and abroad, Matt’s seminars were unlike any martial art seminars taught in the world. Matt has been featured in numerous magazines including UK Guardian, Chicago Tribune, Blackbelt, Martial Arts Illustrated, The Active Times, Recoil, Onnit Magazine, and many others.  Publishing multiple books and hundreds of instructional videos, conducting seminars and doing private consulting, Matt's influence on human movement and security has been felt in various industries globally, with students ranging from special forces units to celebrities like Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges.

Unlike many personal growth teachers, Matt has developed his methods through massive amounts of scientific research and testing, on not only himself but thousands of students world-wide. He now brings that The Wedgesame innovative spirit to educating people about their personal success and improvement through Pastless, using success tactics that he’s learned from his own extraordinary success in martial art and entrepreneurship. Ultimately, the methods he has taught for learning highly complex moves and mastering management apply equally to self-improvement: learning basic principles, learning how to implement them, practicing them, and finally adapting them to your own real-life situations, so you become master of executing the principles in ways that fit your unique needs. Whether in martial art or self-development, once you know and understand the principles, then the applications are truly limitless. 

As Matt said in a recent interview, 'Teaching people, be it about how to live on the battlefield or in the boardroom, is about three changes:  mindset, communication, habits.  When we decide to change how we want to live, and then apply it to how we communicate with the world, we see real change.  Then it's a matter of creating habits around this new ways of living.  It's how the brain works, it's how our world works.  When we change our minds about our lives work, it's how success works.'  But, just as Pramek took over a decade of Matt dedicating his mindset, communication, and habits to create a new way of teaching and learning martial art, Matt recognized that creating a method of personal growth would take the same level of dedication.  Matt decided to move west, isolate himself from the martial art world, and while leading in the corporate world in his career, decided to focus on this new pursuit of creating a new system, a Pramek for personal growth.  In 2016 Matt began making the shift to fully exploring the ideas he developed in Pramek for a new project, one about his own works and concepts, called Pastless, leaving Pramek to be run by it's cadre of instructors internationally.  He's most often found now working, writing, doing interviews, and hiking with his rescue pitbulls, Patton and Phoenix to clear his mind and bring his insights back to Pastless for others to learn from.

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