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After teaching thousands over two decades in the martial art and fitness world, Matt brings a system of training the mind for martial art to the everyday world and personal growth industry unlike any in the world.

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Inspiration is a picky thing for me.  There is so much to be inspired by, just take a few minutes on Youtube, but inspiration can lead to distraction.  I am always a little weary when I feel inspired by something…art, music, a book.  Recently I finished Blood Meridian, Or The Evening Redness in the West […]

What is FEAR?

It’s time for a new definition of FEAR. False Expectation of Assumed Reality. I’ve seen the acronym defining FEAR a lot of different ways.  Most of the time it’s related to self-defense.  In working on this article I wanted a definition of fear to work from. If we look at the dictionary defition, it’s: an […]

How I learned success from a heart-attack snack

I am a horrible cook. I am limited to a few key meals and my love of those meals means that, unless it’s a special occasion or a grill is present, I’m not experimenting. Breakfast food, ham sammichs, and burritos – with a healthy dose of various fruits – and I’m happy. So, when I […]

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The UNDO Course!

UNDO comes to UDEMY with an online course to help you undo the past, including:

  • – UNDO the book
  • – UNDO the workbook
  • – 2.5 hours of video instruction from Matt
  • – Quizzes, 20 minutes of extra video, and more!


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