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After teaching thousands over two decades in the martial art and fitness world, Matt brings a system of training the mind for martial art to the everyday world and personal growth industry unlike any in the world.

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How I learned success from a heart-attack snack

I am a horrible cook. I am limited to a few key meals and my love of those meals means that, unless it’s a special occasion or a grill is present, I’m not experimenting. Breakfast food, ham sammichs, and burritos – with a healthy dose of various fruits – and I’m happy. So, when I […]

Your human nature…

Recently I was reading an article about space and how humans should be looking for our species to survive in space, past earth, as one day earth will be inhabitable.  In the comment section a comment read, ‘Why? We’ll just screw those places up too…it’s human nature.’ It got me thinking…what is this ‘human nature’ […]

The wind or the tree

What does wind look like? One of the most beautiful places in the world (to my mind, at least) is the coast of my home state of Georgia.  The first time I saw the wind blown trees on the coast of Jekyll Island I was awed at two things.  First, the beauty.  Second, I was […]

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